Dr Shola Mos Shogbamimu

Dr Shola Mos Shogbamimu

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, PhD, MBA, LLM, MA, LLB, IAQ. New York Attorney & Solicitor of England & Wales. Author & Huffington Post Contributor. Founder & Editor of the Women in Leadership Publication. Women Rights Activist

Shola is a dual qualified lawyer with broad corporate and commercial experience in the financial services industry with key focus on corporate investment banking and asset management. She is also an author, public speaker and Huffington Post contributor.

New York Attorney & Solicitor of England & Wales
She founded the legal consultancy company, Legal Distinction, to provide strategic legal risk management to SMEs. She has a decade of experience facilitating effective decision making to deliver key mandates; brokering strong alliances and cultivating productive relationships to influence and shape outcomes; and demonstrating leadership and mentoring qualities that drive forward developments within respective areas of responsibility www.legaldistinction.com

Activist and Author
Dr Shola is an activist for women's rights and was at the forefront of the January 2017 Women's March on London with London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Bonnie Greer and a number of notable figures. She has written a number of articles addressing the challenges faced by women and tackling the difficult issues on Huffington Post.

She recently published the book 'Business Risk in Africa: Perception vs Reality - Navigate Your Way To Success'. Her doctorate degree in law on the comparative socio-legal study of corruption in Nigeria focused particularly on the interaction of social norms, beliefs, values and other factors in the perception of what constitutes corrupt behaviour. This is soon to be published as a book. She has made a number of written contributions including (i) Negotiating Global Contracts: Balancing Legal Risk and Commerciality - the International In-House Counsel Journal; (ii) Why Companies Update their Terms & Conditions - Lawyers Monthly; and (iii) High Stakes: Addressing Executive Pay - International Bar Association.

Publisher and Editor
She is the founder & editor of the Women in Leadership publication and driven to inspire personal leadership journeys of women. She uses the publication as a platform for positively driving impact for social change on topical issues that impact women globally. The publication delivers exclusive and tailored content from trailblazing women from around the world. Its content consistently gratifies the requirements and mirrors the behaviours of the highly driven, ambitious and connected woman. It offers leading editorial focused around women’s interests. It inspires, advises and encourages women to succeed in both life and work. www.wilpublication.com

Shola believes very much in the value of education and her wealth of qualifications proves this. She is also passionate about diversity, socio-legal values and mentoring people to be visionary and achieving their goals.