Amal Fashanu

Jay Kamara Frederick

Jay Kamara Frederick is an award winning marketer, social entrepreneur who works with individuals with a social mission to create and implement effective campaigns. In 2014, frustrated with how leading news tabloids portrayed those who had experienced female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) and several encouraging email exchanges with international activist Waris Dirie and photographer Chiara Ceolin, she decided to participate in a short documentary produced by Reuter’s Woman Foundation. In 2017 Jay launched S.K.I.M (Sister’s Keeping it Moving) from which SKIM TALKS was birthed - a platform to fill a gap that she felt was needed to talk and debate the issues that matter to survivors who have experienced sexual violation. "Silence changes nothing and no matter what people say words and ideas can change the world." SKIM TAlKS she hopes will provide a platform for victims and survivors to speak out loud and ask the questions that matter to them.