The Inclusion Convention presents: ‘Institutional Sexual Harassment - Are Institutions Silent Witnesses?’

Led by our Patrons, Baroness Verma of Leicester and Baroness Burt of Solihull, we will be addressing a key number of questions, including whether institutions are enablers of sexual harassment.

There will be two keynote speakers.

Each 45 minute panel discussion (with Q and A) at the conference will consist of a Chair and four Panel Speakers. 

The conference will be interactive and engaging with the audience - to produce on the ground, real time collation of qualitative and quantitative data for the purposes of our findings and recommendations. It will include online polling to follow the event. 

Our overall approach is inclusive and collaborative. 

*Recommendations produced from the conference will be presented at UK Parliament - at a follow up event later in the year.


The conference will take place on Thursday 22nd March 2018 during International Women's Month.


The conference will be a full day event for circa 120 attendees, powered by the Telegraph UK - one of the largest Newspaper Groups in the UK - and held at their prestigious Head Office conference facilities at Victoria, London SW1.

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The #MeToo movement has successfully broken down barriers that have historically held back victims (or 'receivers') of institutional sexual harassment from coming forward

The focus of the conference is to draw action points on disabling the inaction of institutions - which has inevitably created an enabling environment and culture for sexual harassment

We are determined to go against the grain and jointly explore: 

  • Imposition of monitoring obligations on institutions
  • Instilling a basic standard of care
  • Guidelines, Best Practice on investigating and resolving complaints
  • Creation of a regulatory body or Ombudsman to monitor institutional behaviour, with power to reprimand and penalise

The overall aim is to have practical steps in place for a safe environment from sexual harassment in all workplaces and make institutions accountable, where they fall short of the standards expected.

This is a prime opportunity to be at the forefront of tackling this menace, by driving a change of culture.

Please Join Us

Accordingly, there shall be stakeholder representatives and attendees from diverse sectors at the conference - including the Political, Business, Media, Entertainment, Legal, Policing, NHS and Financial sectors as well as other subject matter experts.

Further Information

One of our esteemed Keynote Speakers is Mr. Utsav Bains Singh - an Indian Supreme Court Lawyer - who has been directly instrumental in the imprisonment of a self proclaimed and highly influential 'godman' called Gurmeet Ram Singh in India, for multiple rape offences of his devotees.

Gurmeet Ram Singh has hundreds of thousands of international followers and was actively involved in the entertainment industry, in addition to high level politics in India. His intial arrest caused chaos, burning of properties and inoccent deaths by his followers.

Utsav Bains Singh was the key defence lawyer for the women who had been abused.

Utsav Bains Singh is currently working on another similar case and is dynamically contributing towards historical changes in the Indian Judicial system. He has become an internationally recognised national figure, for his dedication towards the fields of female empowerment and human rights issues.